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What if I already took Reiki First Degree with a different teacher?

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If you have taken Reiki First Degree with another teacher, I would love to speak with you to find out about you and your Reiki journey.  You can setup a time to talk. We can discuss what you have learned in your Reiki 1 and when you took the class. I recommend you wait a minimum of 90 days between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.


If you feel that you did not receive the full benefit of Reiki First Degree class with your previous teacher, please consider taking the full day class. I have had several students re-take Reiki 1 with me.

Preparing for Reiki Class - It is important to honor yourself and your body by avoiding toxins such as alcohol, excess caffeine, recreational drugs, refined sugars for 72 hours before and after the Reiki class to allow your attunement to settle in with the fullest potency. It is also advisable to avoid casual sex before or after a Reiki Class.

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