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Reiki 2 Intensive - Contact us to book a class! Private classes also available.

In-person classes in Highlands Ranch, CO. Contact us to hold you spot - $100 deposit required

Private Reiki 2 classes available , contact us for more information.

Expand your knowledge of Reiki and energy work, as you connect more deeply with your inner healer through Spirit. In Reiki Second Degree you will learn how and be attuned to send distant healing to others and to situations. Learn how to use the symbols for clearing space.


Please contact us if you are interested in taking this course. Classes are forming on a regular basis several months in advance.


Reiki 2 Intensive - During the Second Degree course you receive Reiki 2 attunements, increasing the power of the Reiki flow through your system and raising your vibration continuing spiritual development and healing.


  • Five Reiki symbols are taught and attuned (includes review of the 2 symbols taught in Reiki 1)

  • Distant healing techniques are taught and discussed

  • Space clearing with the symbols will be taught

  • Daily self-care with Reiki symbols

Experience energies and learn to scan and work with the new symbols. 

Each student is advised to work with the energy for a minimum of 3 months to allow for the healing and energetic shift before taking the next step of Reiki Master Course. Acceptance into Master Course is determined by teacher. 

FOUR attunements to Reiki Second Degree

Learn Two Traditional Reiki Second Degree Symbols

Learn One Powerful Ancient Tibetan Reiki Symbol

Review the Two Versions and uses of Symbol from Reiki 1

Learn Important Daily Reiki Practice to Build your Energy Field

Reiki Second Degree Manual (Virtual Student will pay additional shipping fees approx. $35-45)

Reiki Second Degree Certificate suitable for framing.

Access to Private Facebook Group

Access to Student Only Reiki Zoom Gatherings and In-Person Gatherings when possible

Investment: $550  

A $100 advanced deposit is required to hold your space

Please note: balance is due before commencement of class and/or attunement whichever is scheduled first.

Preparing for Reiki Class - It is important to honor yourself and your body by avoiding toxins such as alcohol, recreational drugs, refined sugars for 72 hours before and after the Reiki class to allow your attunement to settle in with the fullest potency. It is also advisable to avoid casual sex before or after a Reiki Class.

If you have taken Reiki First Degree with another teacher please click here for more info.


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