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Reiki Master Intensive - Group class TBD 2024

Contact us for Reiki Master Program. Private class is also available.


A comprehensive Reiki Master Program. If you are interested please contact Kathleen for interview to apply. If you are already a Reiki Master we would love for you to expand your information with this Reiki Master Course as this includes unique Reiki Master Symbol and other information that is not available elsewhere.

Learn TWO traditional Reiki Master Symbols

Learn a SPECIAL 5th Dimensional Reiki Master Symbol

Review an ancient Tibetan Symbol (taught in Reiki 2)

Review information about the traditional Reiki Symbols (taught in Reiki 1 and 2)

Learn and review powerful techniques for building your Qi, and the Torus -- or Toroidal Energy Field with Reiki.

Learn how to pass a Reiki Attunement for each level of Reiki both in-person and remote.
Learn how to pass a Reiki Healing Attunement both in-person and remote
Table work including expanded techniques for healing
Other topics regarding starting a Reiki business
Other topics for spiritual growth
Perform Reiki Healing and receive Reiki Healing sessions

You will need to know the basic three Traditional Reiki Symbols by memory before this class.

Kathleen has been a Reiki Therapist since 2000 and is dedicated to teaching spiritual truths and tools for enlightenment to her students and clients for the benefit of the world.

If you have taken Reiki First and Second Degree with another teacher please click here for more info.

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