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In-Vitro Fertilization Acupuncture - IVF Acupuncture - FET - Embryo Transfer Day


During your new patient consultation we can provide more information on optimal timing of acupuncture for specialized treatments. We offer comprehensive care to enhance male and female fertility and support long-term fertility goals. Holistic treatment for at least three months is recommended prior to an IVF cycle to optimize your system and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients during these important times of treatment to provide stress relief, emotional support and enhanced blood circulation to create the optimal environment for success.


Please note that on-site support with IUI and IVF is strictly by appointment only. An additional trip fee may apply in addition to the cost of acupuncture for these appointments. These appointments require coordination of schedules, so please contact us directly to discuss appointments on-site at fertility clinics.

Available for on-site for IVF fresh or FET PRE- and POST- embryo transfer at Conceptions, Littleton, CO.

Our office is conveniently located within 10 minutes of Conceptions and we can also see you at our office for no additional cost to you.

We respect where you are in the fertility process and have over 14 years of acupuncture expertise providing support for both natural and assisted reproduction.


Since 2007, Kathleen has the expertise and experience of assisting clients who are working with fertility clinics to achieve pregnancy.


Her experience includes working with clients going through in-vitro fertilization at IVF clinics in Madison, WI, Gurnee, IL, Chicago, IL, as well as far away clinics in Oregon, Colorado and Iowa.

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