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About Radiant Light Acupuncture

Radiant Light Acupuncture serves clients seeking holistic health care treatment addressing not only symptoms, but the whole person. Supporting the body's return to it's natural state of radiant health and resiliency. She is passionate about acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, Reiki and Holistic Coaching to to inform clients seeking new information as a pathway to a better life experience.

All services at Radiant Light Acupuncture are performed by Kathleen Stoneman, a highly trained and nationally board certified acupuncturist. Kathleen partner's with her patients to champion their well-being. Her two specialties where she has years of experience are: infertility of all types, including in vitro fertilization cycles, and chronic painful, neurological, autoimmune conditions.

Chronic Conditions - Acupuncture effectively relieves pain, initiates the body's healing response, and improves mobility and function as well as reducing inflammation and improving blood circulation. Kathleen has over 16 years of experience supporting health in men, women and children, with an extensive women's health focus including all phases of infertility, pregnancy care, hormone imbalance, peri-menopause and menopause. Stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, better function and quality of life can be yours with our treatment programs for chronic conditions.

Infertility and Fertility Enhancement - Kathleen has helped many women achieve healthy pregnancy while successfully overcoming obstacles such as recurrent miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, failed IVFs, PCOS, MTHFR, Factor V Leiden, anovulation, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. Many healthy babies have been born through IUI, IVF and natural pregnancies with her support. She provides support for all phases of western fertility treatment and the resulting pregnancies.


Since 2007, Kathleen has provided on-site acupuncture at infertility clinics for clients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI and IVF.  She is experienced with coordinating acupuncture treatments with medicated cycles, along with providing additional spiritual and emotional support tools for your fertility journey.

Kathleen continues to study and grow in her approach to provide the best available care to her patients.

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